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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence can be defined as using physical force, fury, or outrage: especially when physical force is unlawfully exercised, with the intent to harm your spouse, loved one, both mentally or physically. Domestic Violence is taken extremely seriously in that state of Texas and can and have a detrimental effect on both parities involved physically, mentally, along with a shot to the person’s credibility.

Domestic Violence is a current hot topic within popular culture, and law enforcement and officials are really cracking down on punishments. Often times these cases are extremely complex, and require a great deal of care and understanding when examining the facts. Therefore it is imperative to look for someone that has handled these cases before and knows the best way to handle each complex case.

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Even when a law enforcement officer has reason to believe that some type of domestic violence has occurred, they are now mandated to take that person into custody. Domestic cases are often never clear to the police because they do not have all the facts to figure out who was right or wrong in the situation. In 25 years of practicing law, Mr. Ramirez has come across all types of cases, including situations that both parties were involved in mutual combat, or something mistakenly happened as a result of heated passion that at the time looked to be dangerous. However when the situation is reflected on, the participants are able to see what happened and that they love each other and do not wish to press charges on their significant other. Unfortunately once the charges are filed the victim can not dismiss the charges.
Having someone with experience and knowledge of the proper procedures means everything in a domestic violence case. If you are convicted of domestic violence you can face jail time, restitution, fines, probation, counseling, and the charges will be on your record for life. Furthermore, you could lose your rights to possess a government job, and right to carry a firearm.
Attorney Enrique Ramirez has seen and successfully dealt with all types of domestic violence cases and is skilled in dealing with all parties involved so that the best outcome is achieved for his client.

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