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Immigration Lawyer in Houston

When you’re dealing with matters related to US immigration, you want the best lawyers on your side, fighting your case. You need professionals who completely understand your situation and have the knowledge you need to obtain a desirable outcome. 

That’s precisely what Enrique Ramirez Law provides. We offer both English and Spanish-speaking services, making it easy for you to communicate your case and establish your needs. And you can arrange a free consultation to discuss your case – no fees at all! Nothing brings us more joy than serving people just like you, looking to overcome their immigration-related challenges. 

Experienced Immigration Lawyers In Houston

Immigration to the US can sometimes be a complicated business. There are literally hundreds of laws governing who can and can’t enter the country, and the reasons you can use to stay. Thus, gaining lawful entry can be complicated. 

Fortunately, Enrique Ramirez is here to help. Whether you’re trying to get into the country for lawful reasons or facing deportation proceedings, we can assist. We go over your case with a fine-tooth comb, looking for anything that you can use in your favor. We then deploy our knowledge with immigration authorities – and in court, if necessary – to protect your interests. 

Immigration Law

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services – part of the Department of Homeland Security – determines who can and can’t enter the US lawfully. Thus, anyone looking to gain residence or long-term stay in the US must go via this agency, including those seeking asylum. 

However, the rules change regularly. So working with a professional like Enrique Ramirez allows you to stay up to date with the latest information. 

Free Consultations

Not sure whether we’re the immigration lawyer for you? Don’t worry: you can size us up first with a free consultation. Find out how we operate, how we can help represent your case and the types of services we offer. Get your consultation in either English or Spanish – it’s entirely your choice. 

When it comes to immigration, your success depends heavily on the legal representation that you choose. If you decide to “go it alone,” you could miss out on key features that might help secure your case. 

Enrique Ramirez offers massive experience, an impressive track record, and, most importantly, compassion. He feels strongly about the need to represent those dealing with immigration issues so that they can find a permanent, secure home in the US. 

With more than 25 years of experience in representing immigration clients, Enrique Ramirez offers a wealth of resources to help your case. His goal is not only to fight your case but also to inform you about your rights as somebody seeking citizenship or visa status in the US. We also educate you about the process of becoming a legal resident of the country and some of the hurdles you may need to jump through. 


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