If you are caught with some type of illegal weapon, without the proper documentation there are a variety of factors that could come into play regarding your case.

If you have previous criminal history, this could lead to your charges being more severe. It is important where you are caught with the weapon. If you are caught somewhere such as a place with alcohol being distributed or at a school, that will have an affect on your case. Lastly, another factor could be if the weapon was used in some type of crime, or if you had malicious intentions.

Attorney Enrique Ramirez has been dealing with these types of cases for over 25 years and is well aware of your constitutional rights when it comes to the law enforcement’s rights to search you or your property. One of the biggest defenses to your case is if law enforcement violated your right when they searched and seized your property. Attorney Ramirez is a proud defender of people’s rights, he firmly believes that everyone should be subject to the same treatment, and that people’s constitutional rights do not come before certain presumptions .