Our daily lives constantly remind us how of how dangerous the world actually is. No matter whether you are on the road, at work, or simply just out and about personal injury accidents can happen to anyone. If you or a family member has sustained some type of injury your immediate health, and that of your loved ones is most important. Pursuing legal action is surely not at the forefront of your mind. However it has been our experience that in many cases these accidents could have been prevent had the person simply followed the rules and regulations that are in place to protect us. Due to their displayed negligence it is only right that the accused party be held responsible.

Whether and accident happens on the road, at work, anywhere else you could be faced numerous injuries. And we can all agree that our loved ones deserve the best treatment possible.  This is why it is crucial that you get in touch with an experienced lawyer who can help get you and your family all the compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

Attorney Enrique Ramirez has been successfully resolving these vary type of case for over 25 years, and making sure that fellow Houstonians and their families are taken care of and receiving every penny they deserve.